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MetaTrader 5

Commonly known as the MT5, is the cutting-edge online trading platform created to assist currency trading for various types of traders. MT5 boasts for its user-friendly interface with a wide range of useful functions, making it a superior choice for platforms and the most desired one for traders around worldwide. With our MT5 platform, Castle Market clients have access to a comprehensive choice of sophisticated trading features, such as live-streaming prices, large variety of graphs and charts, ability to place different types of orders and full management of personal accounts. It also offers a complete set of Technical Analysis tools enabling usage of automated trading robots (EAs). The Castle Market MT5 platform is compatible with all our Mobile Trading Applications.

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The MT5 program stands as the go-to choice for a vast number of traders, owing to its widespread adoption and unrivaled functionality in the realm of forex trading.

MT5 platform benefits

  • Castle Market's MT5 platform offers multilingual support whereby traders can select their preferred language
  • User-friendly interface which enables new as well as experienced traders to master the platform and trade the markets in the most advantageous way.
  • Trailing stops which are used for algorithmic management of “Stop Loss” orders.
  • Castle Market's MT5 offers real-time market orders
  • Pending orders such as: “Buy Stop”, “Sell Stop”, “Buy Limit”, and “Sell Limit”.
  • Other trading orders are also offered: “Place”/”Modify”, “Delete Stop Loss” and /or “Take Profit”
  • Expert Advisors (EAs) are allowed on Castle Market's MT5 platforms which enable traders to automate their trades with an automated trading robot to best suits every trading strategy and style.

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Forex trading requires thorough understanding, risk management, and continuous learning. Be aware of the risks involved and make informed decisions to protect your capital.